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Colourism is a hot topic in social circles these days, with plenty of ‘celebrities’ landing themselves in hot water because of their negative opinions on darker skinned people. Through the historical searches of social media platforms, these ‘celebrities’ have been found out to have said derogatory things about dark skinned people, specifically darker skinned women, and now they’re being chastised for it. Continue reading Colourism

Vroom Vroom lets drink coffee

I felt like my life was a book. Not a movie, a book. Movies feed instantaneous and are pre-coordinated with the colours, images and movements already actualised for the brain to absorb. With a book, my mind plays the main character and it’s a slow burner,  where the crevices of details are explored for eternity and everything is a maze, but also just one.

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Substitute babies for primates in medicine testing

Peter Singer asked the question ‘why is that we have a better time processing carrying out testing out on Monkeys than babies who are born without a brain.’ About 1 in 10,000 babies are born with anencephaly which is a serious birth defect in which a baby is born without parts of the brain and skull.  Continue reading Substitute babies for primates in medicine testing