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Rachel Dolezal

The blackest most whitest, white black girl…..Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal – The blackest most whitest, white black girl that’s ever lived. She’s the ex-leader of the NACPP who ‘identified’ as a black person for most of her life. She was hated and vilified after being ousted by her own parents who didn’t know why she told people she was black. She pretended for years to be a race that she wasn’t in order to pursue social justice and change for struggling black folk. This story goes to the heart of America’s on going love affair with race. Consider these facts;

  • She attended Belhaven College to be part of a racial reconciliation community development project.
  • She was awarded a scholarship to attend Howard University, one of the best known historically black universities.
  • She worked as a part-time professor in the African studies aprogramme at Eastern Washington University in 2010.
  • Her quest for civil rights & social justice landed her the top spot in the Spokane NAACP.
  • She grew up in a loving family around black adopted siblings.

She stood down from the position after her parents dry snitched on her, telling the world she wasn’t black, which she obviously is not. She was well respected amongst peers in one of the most prestigious civil rights associations pushing for social change in America, so coupling this with her educational background and credentials it seems like the only thing making her ‘unfit’ for the role was the fact she was white.

And….maybe the fact she lied about her race was another damaging character flaw. The problem with this situation is this. Comparably, black people have accepted self confessed murderers, monogamists, drug dealers as leaders of black social movements. These people  have reached millions of black people offering them words of advice on how to deal with being black in the world. Whether its a tv star, sports star, rapper or intellectual, we put stock in the words that come from those thick African lips. Rachel Dolezal, has probably helped instil positive change to more black people than any rapper has done yet black people choose not to accept it. Those Pink french fry lips didn’t help her out one bit.

The comparison isn’t to say Malcolm X wasn’t a good black leader or Jay-Z can’t speak to kids about making a better life for themselves. We have now realised that Rachel Dolezal has been a little shady in her over-zealous appropriation to black culture, but drug dealers ruin communities and families but we allow them to teach our children about the right moral path. Everyone deserves a second chance I guess, but if we can separate the shady past of some of the most powerful black leaders then why can we not do the same for Rachel, who has a wealth of experience within black culture through work and education. On paper she is well qualified to speak about the struggles of black people, you don’t have to be black to empathise with be black people. Her lying is shaking head worthy, but as a person she’s done a lot of good.  She’s certainly done more for the black community than a lot of them other lazy niggas have in the US. Black people in America need all the help they can get, and its crazy because even when someone is willing to give their whole life up to ease black struggle, the most despised race in the world will allow race to get in the way of that help. Plus she wore braids once, and it doesn’t get much blacker than that!

Befo and After

David Adjaye

David Adjaye & The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture

David Adjaye, a British architect born in Tanzania son to a Ghanaian diplomat is working on a astounding building in the heart of Washington DC. The almost complete Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) was a challenging project for the globally recognised architects, and is their most high profile project to date. The architects Adjaye has become kind of an underground celebrity, winning awards and being interviewed by GQ magazine.

David Adjaye

The building is stacked in three volumes which forms the upper portion of the building. It’s covered in bronze plates perforated with patterns which is a reference to the history of African American craftsmanship. In 2009 Adjaye was selected as a team of architects which also include, Freelon Group, Davis Brody Bond and Smith Group to design the five hundred million dollar project. The design features a crown motif from Yoruba sculpture.

Smithsonian under construction

Adjaye speaks about having to prove himself to members of the black media community in order to be selected for working on this project. He’s done a hell of a job in projecting the cultural aspects of African art into a fascinatingly meticulous design which I hope will inspire the people of Washington DC to find out more about African History and architecture. DC has absolutely horrendous crime rate statistics with rapes and aggravated assaults happening on a daily basis. For the people of the city to know of a black man who creates art which doesn’t glorify negativity would be a positive change for for the people of the city.

Smithsonian construction


Smithsonian cross section

12 Years a Slave & Django Unchained Oscar winners

12 Years a Slave & Django Unchained are Oscar winners, but which did you prefer?

I preferred Django Unchained to 12 years a slave, no contest. I’m one of those people who doesn’t think many films made in Hollywood deserve much intellectual merit. The depiction of slavery was accurate yes, and I’ve read enough about slavery to grasp that. Roots, Confessions of Nat Turner, and Beloved are all good reads. But to hear Nigger…this and Nigger that, watch horrid torturous scenes, seeing little black children treated like animals, (and once again), black women raped was demoralising. I kept imagining it was me getting whipped, beaten, shackled and spat on and it was a surreal feeling. Thanks Steve McQueen, your doing a wonderful job representing your own race.

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