Childhood trauma can have lasting damaging effects on people well into adulthood. Last week Eric forced a thirteen year old boy to strip down to his green shabby briefs in the middle of the estate in front of everybody, the boy was shaking from the cold so bad that the string of snot that crept out of his right nostril, jumped off his upper lip and ended up in free fall hanging there like a crystalised drop light in a middle class home. Continue reading Consequences

Who should black people vote for?

Diving deep into the relationship between statistics and politics can be a slippery slope. In the UK, Labour have a lead across the country in terms of votes from ethnic minorities. The Conservatives however, are gaining ground, especially amongst the UK Asian population. The Conservatives are currently the favoured party for Sikh’s and Muslims. Black people make up 3-5% of the UK population so don’t really have a huge amount of influence and is probably why there isn’t much black representation in politics. The politicians do not need to pamper to the needs of black people because the black vote is not a significant demographic when it comes to politics. The demographics that count are white, old, corporate and immigrant. Continue reading Who should black people vote for?