Hyperbaric Chamber saves Eden’s life

A two year old who drowned in a swimming pool has undergone first-of-its-kind reversal of brain surgery using a combination of oxygen therapies. Two year old Eden Carlson slipped through a baby gate and made it past a heavy door while her mother was in the shower, before eventually falling into the swimming pool. She was in the water for 15 minutes before being discovered and wasn’t successfully resuscitated for two hours. ¬† Continue reading Hyperbaric Chamber saves Eden’s life

Jordan Peterson – The intellectual beast

Jordan Peterson is currently one of Canada’s most famous intellectuals to date. This interview with a Channel 4 presenter catapulted him head first into the world of debate and ideas. It’s an excellently constructed interview and the full version lasts 30 minutes. Continue reading Jordan Peterson – The intellectual beast

Benefits of the Sauna

We have plenty of genes in our body which become deactivated as we get older.. Extreme temperatures induce stress on our bodies and in short doses, this  good for us because our bodies react to the stress by activating a variety of hardwired stress response pathways that help prepare our bodies for immediate and future biological problems. Continue reading Benefits of the Sauna