Requiem for a Dream

An amazing book which was turned into a film starring Jared Leto, Marlon Wayans and the stunning Jennifer Connelly. The book was written by Hubert Selby Jr and at the core focuses on a four main characters. A young addicted couple who have immersed themselves with class A drug sub-culture, bring their friend along for the ride of a lifetime. They acquire a pound of uncut heroin and start to sell it on the streets, but quickly realise that the old motto ‘don’t get high on your own supply’ is just good economic advice they need to adhere to. Their tale runs parallel to the story of one of the friends mother who becomes reliant on prescription pills and a daily dose of American TV to get through the day.

The book explores, addiction, loneliness, family, the pharmaceutical industry and self depreciation to its fullest. The concept is rudimentary, but is delivered with such raw power it has a real lasting effect. The dangers of autonomy within the medical industry is clearly portrayed, and also how easy it is for human beings to become lost in the way we attempt to heal people. The characters are compelling and their stories are truly heartbreaking. What starts off as mild trip into self induced escapism turns into a brutal and shocking reality that leaves you with that sickly feeling, similar to seeing a dead rabbit on the side of the road. You know he was just trying to make it to the other side, but the world we created just devoured him.

8/10 – A Beautifully shocking story


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