Ajay Banga

Ajay Banga – You are going to get stared at

This is a section from the full interview with Ajay Banga, who was the CEO for Mastercard. Here he speaks about the importance of not worrying too much what people think about you and that its better to face problems than run away from them. He has struggled with this in his life and has successfully overcome these issues. We all self analyse ourselves and identify flaws, these flaws can leave us feeling vulnerable and self conscious. Acknowledging the hate is important because when you ignore the condemnation it puts you in an even more difficult position to fight or defend yourself. Ajay Banga explains how he chose to combat prejudice, and gained the support of his colleagues who recognised the strength in his character he received through fighting. I think it is very difficult to change people’s minds generally and in most cases it’s a waste of energy to do so especially when they have the narrow mindedness to judge you on the way you look.

There is immense power in intractability, but it’s very difficult to break the linear mindset we develop growing up in these societies and to realign ourselves with the characteristics which are truly beneficial to us. Having unyielding perseverance in the face of adversity and judgement is  an admirable characteristic which we should all strive to acquire. It’s easier to blame others, get angry, feel depressed, self loath and act like a victim. This leads us to either distraction or on the search for validation. Our need for tribalism is amplified when an individual is pre-judged, and the acceptance from those who have experienced the same struggles as you becomes an emotional comfort blanket for anyone who allow themselves to be moulded by the bigotry of small minded people.

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