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‘Twerking is a type of dancing in which an individual, usually a female, dances to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low squatting stance.’

When I first saw Miley Cyrus dancing with Robin Thicke at the VMA’s I felt bad for her. It seemed like a desperate attempt to get herself noticed. However, the stunt worked, and the next day she was all over the news. She’s the hottest thing out there right now and her lack of twerking skills was the catalyst. It goes to show, that in this world we live in, any press is good press. People have called her a racist, a bad role model, and a sexual deviant. She’s 21 years old. She can’t twerk but she tried, and it did absolute wonders for her music career, so call her what you want because it keeps her on our screens.

We live in an age where you don’t have to be talented to succeed. You have to make yourself popular by any means necessary and she did. People hate Miley Cyrus for doing what thousands of artists have done in the past. Madonna, Britney Spears and Cher have all done the same thing and they’ve made successful careers out of it. It may be damaging to young girls to see what she’s doing. It causes confusion amongst young women as most parents grow their kids up to protect their modesty and to hold on to their self respect. Its impossible to protect children from over-sexualisation, as it is everywhere. And if you try to suppress it, that will add a sense of excitement to a childs already bulging curiosity.

Even religious parents, strict parents or rich parents aren’t safe from the power of promiscuity in our society. A conceptual change is needed, not individual rants online or in newspapers about Miley Cyrus. Think about it like this, each time you give her a thought, each time you mention her name, in a good or bad way, more pressure is applied to the imprint of her existence in your subconscious. We have given her power and she makes million off this. I don’t think she has done anything wrong personally because we are bombarded by sex in all sorts of forms on a daily basis. Thats the psychological art of propaganda. We don’t even know its happening.

I’ve come across a plenty of risqué musicians who cash in on provocation. Sex is by far the most common denominator, and some of the most popular tunes of our generation have used sex to further their advances. They’re literally shoving it in our faces, and we can’t help but lap it up. Don’t hate Miley Cyrus, hate the game.

Here’s a few tunes which have caused some controversy on their way to notoriety.

1) Prodigy – ‘Smack my bitch up’. The tune is all kinds of awesome, but the video is quite repulsive at times. The songs title does border on the white line, but I grew up listening to various types of music including commercial house and hip hop, where I could name you 50 more offensive song titles. The video contains hard drug & alcohol abuse, sexual depravity and violence. But the most offensive thing about it, in my opinion was the vomitting. Disgusting. Why so red? Not one for children or people with a sensitive disposition.

2) Eric Prydz – ‘Call on me’. I like this tune too. I like it much more than the Robin Thicke tune that got Miley Cyrus trying to twerk. This video was what men think yoga gyms are like inside their filthy little minds. I’ve never seen a yoga class like this in my life, and I think its a bad representation of what to expect if you sign up to one of these classes. Or if you sit outside and watch through the glass, whilst pretending to be on your phone and looking at the thrilling billboards in the gym. Anyway, much more provocative than Miley Cyrus trying to shake her ‘dirty southern rump’. Her words, not mine. ‘Call on me’ has been watched 56,974,931 times. I had to watch it to understand about our current world. Yes. Thats why. The next 48 times, were just me doing a thorough job.

3) Benny Bennassi – ‘Satisfaction’. Beats crazy, and you can kind of call the lyrics conscious. I have never seen so many health and safety regulations broken on one construction site. Its quite shocking, and this alone should be enough to get people complaining. What does this say about the perception of our construction industry? No vests, the wrong safety goggles and half the time the ladies are not even looking at what they’re doing. I’m definitely going to watch this one again to re-count the amount of lubricious safety violations.

4) Alex Guadino feat Crystal Waters – ‘Destination’. Catchy song. Makes me see band players in an entirely different light. I wouldn’t say this is a raunchy out of control video, but its certainly sensually provocative. Does the job.

5) Autoerotique – ‘Asphyxiation’. Hooked from the start. Hardcore. Not the video, the song. People go crazy for it in the clubs, and people seem to go crazy for the video online. One for men and women, I think. Mostly for men to be honest. This video is actually quite cool, and matches the tune in a truly harmonious manner. It reveals itself in abrupt fashion, but also leaves lots for the imagination. Absolutely titillating.

6) Nelly – ‘Tip Drill’. There is no class to this. Its raw. Its rugged. It twerks right up in your face. This video makes Miley Cyrus look like Mother Teresa at Disneyland on a Sunday. It comes from the guy that brought you ‘its getting hot in here’. Nelly. I hate him. Not as a person, but as an artist I think his music is ridiculous. The lyric from this song which makes me cringe the most is, ‘it must be your ass cause it ain’t your face‘. I don’t know how this can pass for music but 800,000 people seem to like something about the video. Up until this day, I still don’t know what a tip drill is.

7) Rihanna – ‘S&M’. Well known and seemingly proud of her sexual exploits, Rihanna, like Miley, knows how to grab the attention of young boys, old boys, men and girls who can’t find better role models. This video was banned in 11 countries and is pretty self explanatory. Its not a misspelling of H&M or Marks and Spencer’s, its actually sadomasochism Rhi Rhi is trying to promote. With fifty shades of grey being one of the most popular books of our generation, it seems like we no longer shy away from kinky handcuffs, mouth gags and a little whipping. Over 50million people have seen this video and its pretty outrageous.

8) Christina Aguleria – ‘Dirrty’. Following in Britney Spear’s footsteps, Christina decided to ditch her squeaky clean persona and develop one that was quite….well, dirty. The video has been described as a ‘post-apocalyptic orgy’. Sex fetishes, mud wrestling and sexually suggestive dance moves made Christina’s transformation complete. This video also introduced the infamous dance, if you can call it that, the ‘slutdrop’. Just like twerking its a whorish dance which has been copied on various TV shows by desperate, deluded creatures who often try and pass for human females. I’ve seen stray dogs act with more self respect.

9) Pharrell Williams – ‘Lapdance’. Another music video banned by MTV. This grimey strip club anthem is full of scantily clad ladies showing all types of flesh. It was actually performed by NERD but most people don’t know who they are. Thats Pharrell Williamsis old band before he went solo. Miley Cyrus wasn’t in this video, but this one is still pure filth. The tune is nice though, full of Pharrell’s old signature hip hop production beats. He looked pretty ‘Happy’ all the way through this one.

10) Nicki Minaj – ‘Stupid Hoe’. I am not ashamed to admit that I like this track. BET banned this video due to the raunchy lyrics and content. She says some pretty controversial stuff, but she’s always been an trend setter. Minaj has plenty of videos which are based around the same theme, and this one has picked up well over 80 million views on Youtube. Usually, banning a video actually gives it more recognition and that seems to be the case here. Minaj doesn’t have to twerk in her videos, because every time she takes a step her junk jiggles automatically. But she does twerk. Miley could learn a thing or two from this woman.

11) Ying Yang Twins – ‘Whistle while you twurk’. I hate the Ying Yang twins and everything they stand for. However, this was the birth of twerking. This was the song that took twerking to Miley Cyrus and beyond. Forget about how shite the song is, or how shite the video is or how shite the artists are, they are the reason why twerking is everywhere and for that you should give them the recognition that they deserve, no matter how little that is. The video shows women in bikinis carrying out the early days of twerking. The Twerk team took it to a new commercial level.

12) ft Miley Cyrus – ‘Feelin Myself.’ I hate myself for liking this song too. I know, you must think I have a horrid taste in music but I don’t care. Even Miley Cyrus is good on the track. Its not full of naked ladies like most of the other tracks on this list, but Miley Cyrus is definitely not wearing enough clothes. Its not a nice look for her but this is where she wanted to be. Hanging out with rap stars has catapulted her career from Hannah Montana to…. well, click on the link. She’s on the tip of everyone ones tongue and probably has more money than 70% of America’s poorest people put together. Her twerk, worked.–LdqQ

People, I call for your Miley bashing to stop, because inevitably someone is already doing it 😉 She is old enough and has been in the industry long enough to know what-works. Even with all the hate, she still continues to parade around on your TV, in front of your kids half naked and talking about sex and drugs. Its what ‘growing up’ is in the entertainment industry and she’s not the first and definitely won’t be the last. The list above shows that she’s not the most controversial or raunchy artist, and our expectations of her has enabled her to carve her music career into our minds. If your worried about your child being exposed to this behaviour then switch off the TV and pick up a book and read with them. Your sub conscious needs to be protected, so if something upsets you or you think its wrong, switch off.

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