Bro, Fam or King

There is a current trail of thought amongst young black men and women which makes many of them refer to themselves as Kings and Queens. From a  young age , black children have been bombarded with stories, imagery and historical facts about slavery which has had a negative psychological effect. Whether its depicted as fact or fiction, to constantly endure the negative depictions of weak, troubled, violent, abused, tortured, struggling black people of the past and present will leak into the forefront of all people’s mind and add to stereotypes, reduce self esteem, cloud judgements and determine behaviour. Adopting a regal title such as ‘King’ would seem to alleviate the negative connotations and replace them with a feeling of power and status. It’s a better term than nigger, which black people use ‘as a term of endearment’ towards each other, but the title of King comes across as very childish and ignorant. It’s like when kids dress up as astronauts and run around the house with a fish bowl on their heads and empty bottles of water strapped to their back. For a child it’s ok to pretend but as an adult it’s an indication you’ve lost touch with reality, or your truly ignorant to the true meanings of certain words.

The title of King is attractive because of the authority the position holds, making it the opposite of a slave. Honestly, it’s embarrassing to have to endure the slavery and black connection continuously but I can see why certain types of people jump on the King band wagon. My biggest issue is the idea of using King as a positive moralistic term to describe someone. The life of being a Royal isn’t as pure as the title would want it to seem. There’s incest, greed, installation of fear into society, thinking your life is worth more than everyone else, murder, torture, unfair taxes, ultimate control & the pure disdain for the lower classes. The list goes on, but most successful Kings of any nation has incorporated many of the items previous listed into their lives. The concept of  King supports the notion that some people are born more worthy of a quality life than others and disregards the importance of equality.

I don’t want to sound like I’m telling people what they can and can’t do, but it is important for people to have a good understanding of terms when it comes to describing themselves. Overused terms such as King waters down the power behind it, and this is usually coupled with the lack of understanding about what a King really is.

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