Cultural Appropriation

America has been on a super black bullet train the past few months with Black Lives Matter, police shootings and Kanye West. Race has been a hot topic recently and the black social warriors are aiming their proverbial spears at anything that’s white, has dreadlocks and moves. Cultural appropriation is a sociological concept where members of the dominant culture adopts elements of the minority culture. The minority culture can view these actions by the dominant culture as disrespectful and can be seen as treating what has real cultural significance as fashion or toys. Recently, the Bruno Mars issue has come up recently, with hoards of young black millennial’s expressing their disgust at the racially ambiguous Mars and the black inspired music he makes. He’s Puerto Rican, Jewish and mostly Filipino and you can hear that the New jack Swing, Funk, Rnb and Soul influence in the music and in his choice of band members and dancers. According to some people this is wrong, because he is taking shine from black artists, and his non-blackness seems easier for mainstream consumers to digest. This opinion leaves no room for an individual to express themselves, and in this super liberal-freedom based world suppressing the creativity of individuals can be retardant to society.

I also struggle with the optional framework cultural appropriation works within. I have heard a lot about black people getting upset about music being taken. I’ve heard oriental and black people talk about fashion and hairdo’s being taken. Various minority cultures have expressed concern about language or dialects being stolen. I haven’t done extensive research but it seems that what people are upset about most is the ‘entertainment’ aspect of their culture being taken by others who are successful. I’ve mentioned Bruno Mars, but there’s also the Kardashians and Miley Cyrus who have become synonymous with the term culture vulture. There are thousands of white hip hop artists, soul singers and jazz musicians and are they all appropriating black culture by creating the art they enjoy? The whole premise of cultural appropriation seems based upon people who are easily offended and are searching for something to¬† be upset about. This phenomena is now something which is part of popular culture, but hopefully, with the increasing disregard for illogical far-left wing ideologies we can get to a point where concepts like cultural appropriation can be swiftly erased from contemporary society.

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