It’s everybody else’s fault apart from mine

Learning about the horrors of the very recent past has contributed to a radical left wing set of ideologies that have crept into our educational institutions and flooded our media outlets. There is a segment of the population who believe strongly in identity politics and their right to constantly voice their opinion. These segments are usually affiliated with groups of people who have been oppressed in the past and now with advanced technological platforms available, everyone who has felt like the ‘system’ has stopped them for achieving in any way can voice their opinion to the world. Then we get self-victimisation domino’s and various groups protesting, complaining and even trying to influence laws. I have been watching the Grapevine videos which have been uploaded on youtube, and even though my previous sentiments aren’t directly in response to these videos they have had a significant impact on how I view the ideas of the black ‘progressive’ movement. It seemed like there were a lot of potential ‘creative’s’ (writers, bloggers, actors etc)  who aren’t getting the exposure they want and they are blaming this on the white supremacist system and racism.

The conversation topics in the Grapevine show are interesting and the discourse is communicated well. I disagree with a  lot said, but  it’s important to sometimes listen to people you don’t necessarily agree with because your perspective widens on topics and I think it gives you a better understanding of overall issues. The problem is the cyclic nature of the conclusions on each topic, and the lack of diverse opinion makes for a group conformity session which stunts growth and real exploration of a particular subject. The moment someone steps out the box, they are smoothly chastised.  Listening more to Jordan Peterson, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell and of course Joe Rogan, I am more aware of the left wing wining and seeing it starting to seep through the content jungle. We’ve had black lives matter closing down roads and being funded by George Soros. Jordan Peterson being harassed by members of the Transexual movement due to a disagreement and the feminist movement normalising the concept of being a slut. We live in very confusing times, but the ripples being made throughout society and academia are fascinating.

Anger, resentment and insecurity are evident as the baseline emotions driving the conversations from the Grapevine videos. Hardcore feminists have adopted similar victim stances and I think that it works to the detriment of the cause. Racism is a problem in society. As is sexism and the clench of the patriarchal society but I find that real change can come through perseverance and self-actualisation. People of the past such as Jerrie Cobb, Mary Seacole, Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey all had their share of adversity in extremely tough times. The level of discrimination in today’s society is much  lower than in their times. Their personal paths through struggle paved the way for the opportunities people of colour and women have today. The moaning mentality of those who don’t think they have enough  opportunities is one thing, but to incite hate and perpetuate separatism is a clear display of ignorance, and that’s what a lot of these platforms end up doing. I can see the intention is good, but the outcome is extremely harmful.

I have tried to accept the faults of my own personality and identify where I went wrong in my life through self examination and humility. I don’t want to be handed any opportunities because of my sex or race as I think there are plenty of other useful characteristics I have that would make me deserving of an opportunity. Am I a good person, strong, intelligent, driven, hard working and caring are all much more imperative personal qualities than those which are predetermined and out of my control. There is value in listening to people I don’t necessarily agree with but I think it is also important to justify why my disagreement exists. I can imagine as people grow up their political afflictions change and generally the bitterness that consumes the personality of seemingly intelligent people subsides and hopefully they can start to appreciate the positive aspects of life. Even if, they come from a shitty situation. Even if they’ve had to struggle through adversity through no fault of their own. Facing your fears and being successful doing so is the definition of courage. Allowing your fears  to poison every facet of your life and fester in your mind without overcoming is what being a victim is. You choose.

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