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Make up needs a shake up

The most common age for young girls to start wearing make up in this country is 11yrs old. It seems that society these days has an unhealthy obsession with beauty and appearance. We are bombarded on a daily basis by airbrushed images of models on the TV, radio, magazines & newspapers so I can understand why this creates a warped perception of beauty in many people’s minds. Children exposed to this pick up the insecure vibration levels and jump on the slap stick band wagon to clown looking town. Now there’s nothing wrong with a little make up, but imagine a world where looking like Katie Price isn’t what young girls aspire to. Imagine picking up a magazine and seeing Kelly Brook embracing the beauty of her human flaws.

Imagine watching the Only Way is Essex and seeing the young TV stars without fake tans, crazy clothes or make up, connecting over deep meaningful conversations.

In reality, if this was the case, Katie Price wouldn’t have a TV show, Kelly Brook would never be on the front of a magazine again and the Only Way is Essex would show on the ‘Sky Arts’ channel at 3 in the morning. We live in a commercially responsive world. You might thinks its love, or gravitational pull, but the truth is, money makes the world go round. This, coupled with our obsession with sex and relationships, makes make up a modern day necessity and we are allowing our children to take part in this self conscious trend at a time when they’re already confused about their bodies, boys and life in general.

Secondary school is a scary and exciting place for children. And that’s what they are, at 11yrs old they’re still children. Why is it that the legal for sexual consent is 16, but the over-sexualisation of children can start at 11 or even younger. Why are people (especially parents) not outraged at the way children conduct themselves, at school and outside of school. Its now acceptable to see a girl in the UK with a load of make up on, short skirt, heels, and a buttoned down blouse when she’s in school. Its not their fault, because on the flip side if they don’t do this then they won’t get noticed, and they won’t be part of a group and they’ll have no social status which is important to a child’s self esteem.

Parents are to blame. Teachers are to blame. The media is to blame. The government is to blame. We’re all to blame, because we do nothing, as a little bit of make up is harmless right? No. Its a gateway. Just like allowing your children to watch certain types of TV programmes, or listening to certain types of music. It should be treated with more caution. In 2008, government statistics stated that 20 under-age girls a day were getting pregnant in England. Currently, the UK has one of the worst under age sex rates in Europe, and even though its gotten better over the years its still not something the country should be proud about.

The no make up selfie campaign raised £8million for charity recently and its all over the TV. This is a good thing for charity, but a bad thing for women who are already self conscious. Too much emphasis is put on how women look, and this is rinsed by the media. Eleven year old’s need to be left alone. Let them bond on non superficial levels, let them figure out which school subjects they like the most or which after school activity they want to take part in. Don’t think its ok for children so young to wear make up, when there’s so many other things you could be encouraging your child to focus on. One Direction have a song with the line,’ You don’t need make-up to cover up, being the way that you are is enough’, and this is good because they have million of young female fans who listen to their every word. It gets a bit confusing though, because they have a large variety of cosmetics aimed at young girls, starting from £2.50. This is whats wrong with the world.

All women are beautiful. Ok, most women are beautiful, and I don’t mean in the traditional blonde hair blue eye sense, but because of what values they hold, how they treat others and how dedicated they are to the things they love. This goes for everyone, man woman or child. Eleven years old is too young for make up in my opinion, but our obsessions with ‘image’ in our society can lead to people feeling inadequate and insecure. Our perception of beauty needs a massive shift in the opposite direction and you can start by looking at yourself in the mirror and loving what you see. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of make up essentially, its our attitudes towards appearance where there is a big problem.

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