Colin Kaepernick – The media hype train

He knelt during the national anthem at a football game, to draw attention to police brutality and the unfair treatment of minority people in America. This caused huge outrage throughout America with even the President having something to say on Twitter. The far right especially have been emotionally hurt by this American Footballers knee drop saying that its disrespectful to their flag. Everybody has the right to free speech, so Colin is allowed to preach and people are allowed to tell him to shut the fuck up but I don’t believe rich sports stars are the most authentic representations of the unfairly treated. I understand you don’t have to have a masters degree in social sciences to understand where the system is failing people, but I truly believe that it doesn’t do real issues any favours when the soldiers of an unreasonable system start to speak out about how they feel the system that pays them is fucked up. So many people with more relative perspectives have been speaking out on important issues but sports stars, entertainers and fucking politicians get the lime light because mainstream media  skew it in the most profitable way possible.

I think Kaepernick is biting the hand that feeds him because if it wasn’t for the flag and what America became after slaughtering millions of people and erasing various cultures, he wouldn’t be able to run up and down a field, get paid millions and help perpetuate a system built off distraction and consumerism. The NFL has been built on what the flag has provided and the clue is in the name, the National Football League. Yes police brutality exists. Yes the judicial system has been guilty of racism and inequality, but we always miss the deeper social issues and focus on the upper layers of supposed societal issues when we put all of our energy  into this media hyped narrative about black teenagers being shot by police. Kaepernick is a millionaire who has benefited from the exact system he’s protesting about and , without the flag he’s refusing to kneel for he wouldn’t have the platform to speak about the issues he’s concerned with.

The motive behind Kaepernick’s protest was understandable but given the fact that the general public is so easily swayed when any high profiled figure starts talking, these modern martyrs for social justice often end up doing more harm than good. I’m sure Colin will live a happy and comfortable life no matter what happens, but for the millions of families struggling to make ends meet in America. For all the young black men being shot by police, police being shot by anyone, or anyone getting shot, these TV entertainers aren’t going to solve your problems, and the system will never change from the outside because there’s way too much money in keeping things they way they are. The hype has died down for now, even though the killings  have continued, and that’s because the media controls the tone of the conversation as well as how we feel about certain topics. There’s been radio shows about race, tv shows about race, stand up comedians talking a lot about race and even rappers have tried dipping their toes in the social justice pool, but if you stay tuned, just long enough they’ll come full circle and Colin Kaepernick and police shooting black people will be sexy once again!



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