Rap music influencing life – Quality matters more than content

They try and use rap music as a reason for the violence, but there’s no real evidence which suggests so. If you put aside why people make degrading music and focus on the consumers, you can see there is high demand for fuck bitch nigga shit, and there always will be. Fifty six murder investigations launched in London in 2018 so far, a majority of them young black men who most likely listen to this type of music. Considering black people only make up around 3% of the total population in the UK, there still seems to be a much larger chance that you’re going to be killed if you’re black  than any other race and that’s scary. On one side we’re fighting for equality, and to be given opportunities but on the other side, our communities are rife with this kind of negativity, struggle and violence.

The black music scene glorify’s the killings on some level but I wouldn’t conclude that there’s a direct correlation and I definitely don’t blame the music industry. It is ‘art’ at the end of the day, and born out of the quintessentially British grime scene, London rap, especially the drill genre has become increasingly popular and now heavily influences the culture. This type of music  is arrogant, violent, materialistic, egocentric, seriously lacking in empathy and saturates the music charts when given the opportunity. If you look at most of the UK rappers  who end up ‘charting’ their music is filled with simplicity and ignorance. The white artist’s don’t generally make music like that as their music can be love related or party scene-ish etc and still make it to the top and sell.

I do love conspiracy’s, as I think they’re fun, however I don’t  believe this is a big undercover operation by the record labels to promote negativity with the UK rap scene but there is a huge demand for ‘street’ shit. The privileged enjoy it because it’s a way to hear about a completely different world without experiencing any of the consequences. The safety of Spotify allows the youth to delve into the lives of aspiring drug dealers, cowardice bullies and braggadocios bullshit artists from the comfort of their bedrooms.  People who are struggling, and have experienced ‘street’ life connect with it because the talk is familiar and understands their mentality.Plus, kids think its cool.

The problem is, young minds are impressionable minds and the record labels motives will always focus on getting them whilst they’re young and even though listening to an artist talk about the struggles in his life might be compelling, it can also make a potentially weak mind desensitised. The negative rap music isn’t turning the sponge brained children into toy soldiers, but it is helping the younger generation enhance the lack of empathy already installed by the internet. I think ignorant kids, listening to ignorant music is always a bad combination, but it’s definitely down to the parents to ensure their kids are well rounded. A well informed, critically thinking child can enjoy ignorant music, or gangster movies or violent video games, without it being overtly damaging to their mindset.

There is a lot of violence in black communities and the damage is usually done from a young age. The entertainment industry has made casual violence cool, and the UK rap industry has picked up the sediment at the bottom of the barrel and are trying to turn it into gold. The stories become more outlandish and the beats become more addictive, but that’s not the reason why there’s been fifty six murders in London. Poverty, self hate, security, ego, anger and money are bigger influences. The UK rap scene is never going to be flooded with conscious tales of empowerment because people won’t buy it. Music will evolve and the negativity will always be a part of struggling storytellers repertoire, but it’s not up to them to stop spitting. It’s up to the parents, teachers and guardians to ensure that children are educated about all aspects of life. Allow them to experience, play, write, read, listen and consume because the more they are exposed to other perspectives, the less likely a rap song or horror movies are going to have a negative effect. This then frees up the consumers mind to objectively enjoy the particular piece of art for what it is, and weed out the poor quality ‘art’ from the get go. Quality matters more than content.


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