The rise of the average looking popstar

Musicians have been known to be good looking and in shape throughout entertainment history. There have been exceptions to this rule but if you look at the music artists who dominate the industry over long periods of time, they are usually appealing to the eye. This is why it was such a shock when Susan Boyle from Britain’s got talent became so popular. Yes she could definitively sing but what made her stand out amongst the rest was the fact that she was unattractive in comparison to her younger competitors. The media made a spectacle of her, which had tragic consequences, but I believe her life became a mirror for the public. In Susan Boyle they were able to see how their prejudging based on appearance was immoral as well as ineffective. Technology and especially platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify have allowed the frequent discovery of various talent from all around the world, and due to the high reward nature of the music industry, we’re getting extremely talented people in all shapes sizes, colours and looks.

I have stressed this point a thousand times and I will still continue to stress it a thousand more times; our society has an unhealthy obsession with the concept of beauty. There is nothing wrong in musicians being attractive, but where it does become problematic is when the level of success people obtain is solely reliant on how they look. Beyonce can sing and looks good, Alicia keys can sing and looks good, Jenifer Hudson can sing and looks good, the two attributes can go together. I think that with rising stars like Khalid and the legends like Jay-Z, Kelly Clarkson and Elton John traditional beauty can be over looked when the talent is undeniable. I love that. I love the concept of talent over everything. It shouldn’t matter if someone is fat, thin, has one eyebrow or talks with a funny accent, if they can sing and they’re a good person then that is all that matters. The mechanics of the road to success have now become so calculated that those with the power are able to seek out specific variables in a potential artist and choose the easiest way to make them a star. There is logic to that because that is the way they get the return on their investment back quicker.

There is hope along the horizon for those ugly ducklings looking to make it big in the fascinating world of entertainment. I would like to see more of an emphasis on ensuring that good natured people rise to the top and remain humble because having a bunch of pricks monopolising success is disappointing. The barriers to entry are now quite low because of mobile phones, internet and computers, so anyone with talent (and plenty of people without talent) are able to showcase their creativity to the world. For this to be limited to a select group who were by luck, born with better looks is ridiculous so I am glad that some changes have occurred. There are some very average looking people creating exquisite¬† music and that’s the way the world should be. All thing balance out in the end and I’m sure this would be same. We’ve gone through a boom of societal insecurity and now the shift in consciousness is swinging towards quality as opposed to appearance. Watch this space.


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