What if someone else shoots yourself in the foot

Meg the Stallion was shot in the foot by Tory Lanez during a recent car journey in the Hollywood Hills. Both Meg and Tory where passengers in an SUV, when they got into an argument which resulted in Tory Lanez shooting Meg in the foot or feet. She had surgery to get the bullets removed from her foot or feet and has come out and named Tory Lanez as the shooter, after initially staying silent on the issue. I didn’t believe it at first, as I thought some truths would come out about the shooting not being real, or an exaggeration, but no, it seems as if the Canadian rapper, did shoot Meg the Stallion in the foot or feet and we’re waiting to hear his side of the story which will most likely be told through a legal team. Both artists are very successful, and all types of media outlets are running with this story as we see other artists distancing themselves from Tory Lanez. This story is pretty wild, with the high profile celebrities getting caught up in an extremely violent situation, the rumours of a relationship and the bizarre continuation of gun violence plaguing America for decades. It’s as if the USA’s age is showing as a Country, because the Country doesn’t seem to have the maturity to handle private citizen gun ownership, generally & Tory Lanez is testament to that. I’m glad Meg is ok, and nothing worse happened, & I’m not surprised about the backlash Lanez is receiving. I am sceptical about how far this will go, as we see rich celebrities time and time again get away with crimes. Unless it involves not paying your taxes. I’m also concerned about how some of my favourite podcasters have covered the news.

Joe Budden and his motley crew broke down the situation, with specific attention to the heinous nature of the crime. Mal and Joe specifically, went on to say how these types of shootings are unacceptable, shouldn’t be part of the culture & Lanez was a disgrace etc. It should be obvious that the shooting of someone in the  foot is deemed as horrendous and that person is chastised, however, they broadened the conversation to when children & women fall victim to violence. They insinuated that it is unacceptable for this to have happened to Meg, because she was a woman, and brushed over the fact that children get shot weekly in certain states of America. They also mentioned that because Meg was a black woman, she was right to not speak to the police and stay silent initially which is a strange black culture concept known to the world. Meg said she was worried about the threat of police brutality at the time. Andrew Schulz on his Flagrant 2 podcast, had the complete opposite breakdown of this story not really giving it the time of day, saying that it was a joke of a story, and focussing more on the Torey’s height, as he’s 5ft 3. On the surface this would seem a little harsh, but because Meg never spoke about what happened for so long the intensity was seemingly lost, as was the empathy for her. It seems like the JBP outrage was derived from the fact that rap celebrities were involved, ‘people with money’, who should only be thinking about money, and that these things shouldn’t happen because they’re rich. I don’t believe wealth can hide personal demons forever and no matter how much money Tory Lanez has, the mental process that drove him to shoot Meg the Stallion in the foot runs deeper and through his veins. 

One of the other inconsistencies I dislike from the Joe Budden cast is something which black culture, hip hop culture and American culture has to deal with inherently. That is the picking and choosing of when violence is acceptable. No other race in the world has the violence tag attached to them like black people do and for the most part it’s brought upon by individuals claiming to be representing the ‘culture’. The JBP vehemently opposed Tory Lanez because he shot Meg the Stallion in the foot but time and time again give respect to ‘killers’ and  the ‘code of the streets’ openly on the podcast.  Now I know the Rappers delightful conundrum is that you shouldn’t shoot women or kids, but if you  look at what’s going on in parts of Chicago, New York, St Louis, there are so called rappers involved in the shooting of women and kids and yet praise is still given to the ‘streets’ the music and musicians involved in the fuckery. They talk about it in the music. They make videos about it. High profiled rap/pop artists brush shoulders with those involved in the violence and we don’t bat an eye lid, as long as money keeps on being made. I understand the JBP cast come from a hip hop background so they can’t slate the industry as a whole, and to be fair to them they do touch on the some of the hypocrisy surrounding the culture. My question is why do prominent figures in the hip hop industry hide behind the ‘art’ barrier and refuse to speak up about the connection between the music and the violence? I’ve said this many times before and I know it’s a touchy subject, but to a certain point art as an ultimate concept should be completely free. However, the rap industry is indirectly responsible for a large amount of deaths, at minimum it contributes to the deranged psyche of those capable of carrying out cold blooded murder. What is happening in the South side of Chicago, and other parts of America now is a hip hop cultured experiment. This is not just about poverty. This is not just about a power vacuum left by the older gangsters in the areas going to jail. As we’ve seen the increase of the most material aspects of entertainment flaunted in our faces through social media a bi-product of that is greed, ego and finding away to mask insecurity. Violence is a way to achieve and appease these things, but nobody wants to have that conversation. Even now we’re not having that conversation and I feel for Meg, but babies and young black girls are being shot at, killed & stabbed weekly and the music just comes up with endlessways to glorify the violence, masking the reality of the horrors being carried out by people of all ages. Real life hell people experience daily, these Mothers, Fathers, Aunties and Uncles are forced to endure the worst of mankind because they happen to be born in a specific location. Bad news, horrible feeling inside, tears, distraught, funerals, the I’m sorry’s, all the while the incomprehensible fact that someone’s not coming back. Life is the biggest gift we have and people are running around taking it like it’s nothing, instilling fear in communities trapped into acceptance by the colour of their skin. I don’t think Torey Lanez is a psychotic monster, I think to do something like this shows real weakness and insecurity. What reason would a man have to shoot a woman in the foot? That must have been a real hot soup of emotions he was experiencing to act like that. Even impulse has to happen over the course of a short amount of time, and I’m sure plenty of people have pointed guns but not pulled the trigger gaining some self control over a situation. Brandished but not used. The culture calls you a pussy for it but maybe that’s what Torey Lanez needed. A pussy moment. And maybe Megan would still have her small toe left on the right foot.

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