Just a couple will do

Maybe it was a dream. After my first 1, chilling, by myself too this time which was good, I usually have 5, 6, even 7 but this time it only has a couple. Was it even worth it? I was told no, but,  Fuck Yeah!  The experience doesn’t last as long, maybe 2-3 hours. It’s not as intense obviously but it’s enough to get you that wavey feeling. The perspective was there, but not as shootingly fast. I would be outside of m body but exiting at a slow jogging space as opposed to Ferrari speed.

I had a little chill upstairs and then I hear Sicko mode by Mr scott and come the fuck down stairs. I was in control and didn’t feel like I was travelling through space and time in the usual sense. Methodical. Colourful. Enjoying the music even though it’s difficult to select when you’re mind cruising. I stank. I was sweating. It was warm. I wish I could go outside but the neighbours kids are out there. Feck!  I stank. So I had a shower. Entered the bathroom portal and was overcome with disgust, The mould was moving on the grout which was disgusting, because obviously it’s alive. I’ve entered the sub atomic visual acquisitional level where I can see the vibrations of things that are alive. I’v said before about natural wood Vs imitation. The real wood moves, vibrates, swims, comes alive. Shows you the true form not blocked,  whereas laminate will just stay put. The mould, dirty shitty mould was alive and kicking and even though it wasn’t a lot, it was enough to piss me off a bit. I’m dreaming or tripping though so it doesn’t last and I strip, get in the shower and the whole world changes.

The water, celestial, waterfall esq, flowing,  the light became speckled rainbow and then I picked up the cocoa butter shampoo and rubbed it deeply into my hair. Instantly transported to a time we used to shower outside in the jungle, in the sunshine, after a hunt, anticipating the food I’d just caught. The rainbow & the panther.  Primal. Like a primate. I saw it. I saw the primate in me. In us. We humans are not much more. Darwin was right.  My feet looked like monkey feet and I felt like I had tapped in  to an ancestral legacy frequency where I could experience the tropical rain-forest as the ones in the past did. It was a glorious feeling. The smell of the coconut butter shampoo bouncing off the water droplets and splashing onto my hair, bubbling up with a sensuous froth the aroma trickled through my veins, I could taste feel it become it. This  is how the cogumelos does. The strawberry and cream body wash shot straight into my sinus’s and blasted streams of fruity caramel flavour into my nerve cells resonating in my brain. The strawberry and coconut butter concoction was emphatic. Hedonistic. It brought me to a completely different dimension and I started to scrub myself. I spat out and coughed a bit, a slight purge. Cleaning and washing, scrubbing and brushing myself virtuous. I was in there for about 40 mins. Divine.

It really does allow you to empathise on a deeper level. This has happened before, but I saw the cats inside their cat house/box and I sensed unhappiness and uneasiness, especially Isis. He looked frail and withered, old. This was his soul. He came out the house a looked at me, asking me to do something about his environment. Toothless looked infantile, and concerned. He had a much more youthful look but I could see Isis was feeling feeble, and I looked at his environment. Dusty room. Unused items gathering dust. Scissors. Pens. Papers I’ve never touched. Rubbish on the floor. Dirty table, chair, shoes all over the place. It wasn’t just that, the room lacked vibrancy and I had the curtain/sheet down so there was no light coming in and their house sat in the middle of the table with random things around it. Dilapidated cat tree. That’s why they rarely spend time up there. Downstairs they have scratch pads, couch, and their own large soft cushion. I felt really bad and I could see it in their faces. There was no energy up there, no vibrancy. The place was literally just gathering dust. So I’ve bought them some new bits and pieces. Toys. Catnip. Two tree houses. I cleaned up the room and threw away some of the stuff I never used and instantly they felt better. Their body language was more relaxed. Isis came out of his house and inspected the new surroundings. He approved.

Energy is important. I spent some time that day just sitting in the cats room after I cleaned it. The cats weren’t just unhappy with the environment, I felt like they needed me. When you’re not around your animals, presence, the connection between you weakens. The impact humans have on animals is massive. They require presence, vibrations and energy. That’s why dogs and cats are stimulated when humans move fast. It’s an indication of high energy, positive energy, not old. Like the room. Low energy and building up dust, they sense. They feel it and react. They can sense that someone is becoming decrepit so it’s important to stay active. This is why human beings also are so attractive to people who are healthy, active workout. Not the non-professional upper body builder types but all round good body, sport playing people who are not only working out to look good but have it their mind to be healthy. Eat clean. Work on mindset. These are the people who still fail but get back up and that’s what makes them great. The cats  see this. I see it. The cogumelos helps me see it. Opposing this is the reason why lazy, unhealthy, or fat people are despised. Avoided and made fun of. Obviously you shouldn’t but in terms of body type, a healthy one is chosen over an unhealthy one each time. Cudos to those who are trying. We all start somewhere and I love to see all  types of people running, exercising, writing, reading, stimulating the mind is food for the soul. Working the body helps you stimulate. Shake that dust off and get at it. Find them.

It makes no sense and writes itself.

Its stopped. So I can’t no more. How will I find it.

It finds you.

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