Bill hicks

Bill Hicks, the genius comedian

Being funny is an art  only a few can master, and we start to recognise this as from an early age. As you grow up and start to experience people and the environment the mind starts to absorb the complexities that fester in the background of life. Our capacity for good humour expands and  we expect those who make us laugh to possess poignant perspectives and to surgically execute. This was Bill Hicks.  A good comic identifies the complexities of life and attempts to explain them to the audience. These could be things such as ‘why there’s so much traffic on the road?’ to ‘will we ever use a nuclear bomb again?’

A great comic unravels these complexities with ease and coerces the audience to self reflect and explore themselves. This does not meant having a quick rummage in your pants, but I’ve found that great comics make you feel like they have an answer as opposed to trying to put forward one. Bill Hicks is this. Intelligent, unsympathetic and insightful. One of the positive things about technology is the ability it has to allow legends of our past to continue to live for ever. Not only was Bill Hicks and exquisite comic, but he was also an alluring human being.


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