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12 movie sequels better than the originals

  1. Elite Squad 2 – Unbelievable how good this movie is.


2. The Raid 2 – One of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

3. Terminator 2 – So much better than the original.

4. Aliens – Scary as shit.


5. The Dark Knight – Amazing movie, R.I.P Heath Ledger.

6. X men 2

7. The Godfather 2 – Absolute classic . Best of the trilogy.

8. Rise of the Planet of the apes. The original film was great. This was a cinematic masterpiece.

9. Shrek 2 – Puss in Boots. Is all.

10. Internal Affairs 2 – Well written, well directed, well acted.

11. Hellboy2 – Blows the original out the water.

12. Toy Story 2. They level the house, mayhem ensues.


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John Jr
2 years ago

Hello Billy,

I agree with some of your picks but I think that I liked The Raid: Redemption, Alien, and Hellboy better.

Thank you for sharing this,
-John Jr

John Jr
2 years ago

You are welcome Billy.

-John Jr