Deadpool 2 review

Its always hard to follow  up a smash hit movie with an acceptable sequel, let alone a sequel which is stand alone good. I enjoyed the first Deadpool movie because it was surprisingly entertaining and tantalisingly adult. The first movie looked good, the story was compelling and it was organically humorous. The same cannot be said for the follow up movie which I saw this weekend. The worst thing about the movie was the hipster type jokes which were rolling in every 3-4 minutes. They were trying way too hard to be funny which could be seen by the constant pop culture references, some which didn’t make any sense (Ice cube and 2pac were never seen as partners). This type of one dimensional humour was typical of a low budget sit-com and cheapened the density of the story line becasue there was so much of it.

The acting was average, the story was cliché and extremely diluted. Instead of investing dialogue and screen time into the characters from the first movie, a whole new set of characters and concepts were added…and then swiftly removed. Emotional time wasting for the audience with no narrative benefit. The CGI looked like CGI, there was constant mention of the movie being a movie which detaches you from getting lost in the film and the cheesiness of all the character dialogue was at high level. Wade and the Australian boy were the main cheddar culprits. The final twenty minutes were extremely drawn out, anti-climatic and made me feel so uncomfortable that I was physically squirming in my seat. On the bright side some of the action scenes were enjoyable and we did end up with a couple of cool characters at the end. Overall the film was acutely disappointing because the first one was so fun, but by itself it was still below average.

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