Why worry about Banks

Azealia Banks is probably more mentally stable than you.

Azealia Banks is a female American rapper born in 1991. Notorious for her sharp tongue and liberating music, Azealia has inspired just as many people as she has offended and her life journey seems to reflect this. Growing up she had a  troubled childhood. Her Dad passed away from pancreatic cancer when she was 2 and her mom submitted Azealia and her two sisters to physical and emotional abuse.

She trained in performing arts and showed an early interest acting and music.  Banks began making music and distributing it through my space in 2008. Her Debut single ‘212’ received commercial success and secured her a contract with Interscope, who have also been involved in developing the careers of Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Madonna. Outspoken and unapologetic, Azealia has gained massive notoriety for her views and opinions on people and situations. She offloads her thoughts on social media and often this seems to get more attention than her music.

During Azealia Banks’ most recent Twitter tirade, amongst other things she slanders Zane Malik who used to be a member of one direction. She laid it on thick. I mean she went hard in the paint, leaving no prisoners and spraying indiscriminately.  There was plenty of general swear (curse) words, a splash of racism, a dash of ignorance & a little humour. The internet Exploded in Malik’s defence and the shanks came out as usual for Ms Banks. She  was enemy number one for a hot minute and as per usual people took this as an opportunity to start dissecting the young rappers mindset and burying her by her words. Azealia Banks has since apologised about the things that she said.

Amongst the malignant slurs, Miss Banks off loads some harsh truths about the topsy turvy world we live in. Here’s some of the truths.

  1. Zayn Malik was the token brown boy in one direction.
  2. The UK does need to step its rap game up and it’s not yet up to the standards of the USA.
  3. Black people in the UK do need more Vitamin D.
  4. Tim Westwood and Charlie Sloth slightly over use sirens and bomb dropping noises when playing hip hop music.

5.UK got clouds.

She was harsh about the credibility of the UK hip hop music scene but sometimes you need a bit of straight shooting to re-evaluate a perspective. I do agree with her about UK hip hop. Objectively it’s obvious and she’s coming from a country who has a solidified history of rap. In the UK there are a few amazing artists, more average artists, plenty of shit artists and too many tryers.  You can tell that British artists are in the early stages of melodic development because if you compare grime/UK hip hop 10 years ago to now there is a significant increase in the quality of the sound. It’s definitely not up to the standards of the US but they’ve had longer to perfect their craft.

When there’s artists out there like Big Narstie who become the social defenders of all things Grime and British we’ve already lost as a group. Azealia Banks might not be the complete package (who is?) but bar for bar she kills Narstie. She makes better music holistically and has a lot more to offer in terms of social commentary. Go check out Narstie’s YouTube channel to comprehend. Its ok to have an opinion but only valid opinions count. A squirrel can’t judge a rat for being furry, he must understand that he’s a squirrel first and foremost.

Azealia Banks is an easy target because she makes herself so transparent and highlights herself with potently provocative speech. We love for there to be a bad guy, or as Rhi Rhi would say the bad gyyaal in any situation and with all the political unrest and sidestepping of policy reform that’s needed for young black people we turn to twitter and slate someone who is speaking up about the injustices in the world. We focus on the pop culture comments she makes and ignore the deeper concepts she explores. It’s an opinion. It was offensive, but the minds of the masses tend to move in slimy swarms because it takes so much brain power to critically think or even think for themselves.

Nobody’s just one thing and you have to remember and Azealia also says things like this;

1) ‘Why does the UN need to raise money for Ebola? Can’t the government just print the damn dollars themselves and get this done already.’

2) ‘The Grammys are supposed to be accolades for artistic excellence…Iggy Azalea’s not excellent.’

3) ‘Black culture is cool, but black issues sure aren’t, huh?’

4) ‘I don’t want to be nice. Nice girls can only get what they’re offered.’

5) ‘I have never felt the pain of the of not being white the way I’ve felt it since I’ve been a public figure/part of this entertainment industry.’

6) ‘And when they give these Grammy’s out it says to the white kids, your great and your amazing. It says  to the black kids, your shit, and you don’t own shit, not even the shit you create.’

She floats between personalities and is truly an interesting outspoken individual. I think it’s dangerous for people to throw around the fact that she has ‘mental issues’. All of the quotes above show that she is of a stable mind and has an accurate perception of the industry she works in and the world she lives in. Generally how she comes across in interviews, through her music and even on twitter does not coincide with the thought process and mindset of an individual who should seek mental assistance. For those who accuse her of it, in my opinion, it shows a lack of understanding and exposes the sloppy status quo sheep who may find it difficult to cultivate original thought.

When I listen to Iggy Azalea’s music, I think I might actually end up needing mental assistance but fortunately I’ve never listened to a whole song. When I see the latest plastic surgery experiment Lil Kim has carried out on her face, I think she might need mental assistance. When I watch the Kardashian empire rake in millions of dollars, branch out into various businesses and are continually allowed to talk on TV, I think most consumers definitely need mental assistance. When I see the leading country of the free world extract oil openly from a country they’ve gone to war with, a war which has proven to be based on lies and has resulted in over a million dead, & we choose to ignore it, I think most world leaders need mental assistance. When we vote for social justice and systemic change for centuries by choosing between the same 2 or 3 political parties every 4 years and nothing changes, I think the voting public need mental assistance. Dare I continue…..you should get the message by now.

Don’t get it twisted.

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