R.Kelly ft Joe Budden

The hip hop and media worlds have gone crazy with the release of the R.Kelly TV series as it sheds light on a severely dark and disturbing part of urban entertainment history. I found the Joe Budden Podcast breakdown of the R.Kelly show very intriguing as the guys take a very raw and open approach to the realities of what went on. One of the things mentioned on the podcast was the idea that there is insidious evil present in all the music of R.Kelly which can sometimes be glaringly obvious from the lyrics of some songs but much more subtle in the lines of others. The energy put in the music comes from a perverted place, which is his mind and because his actions are so heinous it can be said to have contaminated everything he does. When he does his shopping, when he hugs a family member, when he’s writing lyrics at what point does the perversion switch off, or does it ever?

I’ve questioned before, the notion of good vs evil and how I think morality exists on a spectrum instead of existing in complete separate dimensions. The seedy creative process that Kelly’s brain must take, indicates that even the most well intended song would be glittered with malice and when you take into consideration the songs are  played repeatedly on the radio on the internet and in clubs, is it too abstract to suggest that the intent of the perversion leaves the sick mind and travels through the sound. As a result, the malicious sonic seeds are planted in the brains of unassuming consumers and the birth of depravity and debauchery is not only born but is spread at a colossal rate like a globally destructive virus. The R&B/slowjam music genre exudes seduction and is heavily weighted by sex. The lyrics are often suggestive and walk the line of what is deemed romantic, especially nowadays   but when you know the lyrical source is pure deviant, this form of entertainment can be damaging, especially when the details of R.Kellys exploits surface.

Considering the type of music we listen to is important, but what’s even more important is which artists we choose to support with our money. Making up your mind as to where your morality line lies is the foundation which your future decisions could be laid upon, and I don’t think it’s right to turn a blind eye to paedophilia, rape and sexual assault under any circumstances. If R.Kelly  hasn’t done anything wrong then the courts should decide, however time and time again there hasn’t been enough evidence for a jury to decide he’s guilty so he walks, every time. There have been dozens of allegations of sexual assault and engaging in sexual acts with girls underage and we don’t know for sure what has gone on.

How about, just listen to Bryson Tiller or start listening to classical music. I think the hype surrounding the artists can help insulate them from consequence when really they should get treated like any ordinary dirt bag. There’s too many cases to think its ok to let R.Kelly babysit, no matter how much you want to believe, for the love of R&B ,that he’s innocent, his track record indicates that the way he has treated women is not acceptable at minimum. If he treated your sister mother, cousin like that you’d say something is wrong with that type of behaviour.  I truly believe if we started to look at our fellow human beings in the same way we look at our own family and friends then the fuckery stops. We give celebrities way too much leeway because of the talents they have but my line is here. Choose someone else, and don’t support the music of degenerates like R.Kelly out of curiosity. The best way to shut some down is to shut them completely out. Ignore them and watch justice take a natural course, but if you allow a defensive narrative to be spewed through the media there are some silly souls with half a brain cell who will always choose to believe nonsense.

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