Stairway to heaven has led us to a bullet train to hell

I listened to Led Zeppelin ‘Stairway to heaven’ around 6 weeks ago when I got mixed up with the fungi crowd and completely understood what the definition of what a musical masterpiece is. The song starts out deliberately slow with delicately played chords on the guitar and keyboard. Then comes the vocals which begins to add volume to the song and over the course of the next ten and a half minutes intensifies with the purpose of synchronicity. The second part of the song sees the inclusion of gradual bass and the sparked vocals lead to the drums where the song begins to fill out. The arrangement of music here is genius because heaven is personified in the song as the guitar solo which comes soon after and is absolutely magnificent. The composer of the song Jimmy Page who also performed the guitar solo is a true artist and my appreciation for the electric guitar blasted off after this. I have been listening to Led Zepplin for years but my fungi state on this day allowed me the musical capacity to take in the beauty of musical arrangements and the necessity of instruments. Soon after I discovered ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers LIVE Slane Castle 2003 where the guitar riff in the beginning is unbelievably good also.  Now my dreams are full of Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Pink Floyd like sounds and it’s amazing. It’s amazing how many fantastic musicians have been borne overt the past few decades and how the concept of what good music has changed completely.

This made me think about my music taste over the past few years and the luck I’ve had in exposing myself to all genre’s of music. Gangnam style has 3.2billion views on Youtube and I understand that the entertainment world is heavily reliant on cliche, colour, repeat and simplicity but it seems that even in how we as consumers absorb entertainment and choose what we allow into our brains, the choices being made are consciously unsophisticated. The brain no longer wants connection but craves mindless short term entertainment, spaces full of randomness, people acting ridiculous, bright sets and alien like dancing. Substance is being squashed by popularity and as the brainwaves of the masses decay, swept up by microwaves and radio signals, the status quo paves the way for the mindless figureheads of the brothelised entertainment industry. Thank Larry Page and co for allowing us to indulge in the type of technology that helped expose me to Stairway to heaven but for every Jimmy Page, there’s a mother fucking Gangnam bastard and the true art of music is being swallowed up by the masses of pop. However the diamonds will always reign supreme in the swimming pool of shit, and every now and then a true gem rises from the swamps to provide us with quality, emotional and intelligent music for the soul.

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