I am God

I am God

It’s been about a month since and I can honestly say I no longer feel like God. At the time it felt like I knew what transcendence was, and at no point in my life have I had an experience that could compare.

Why is chocolate so important to you guys?

I continually asked this question, as if I wasn’t one of the you guys. Humans have a love for temptation even when they know it might not be good for them and this I couldn’t understand. The weakness in the human race, and as the outsider, or other being I was looking down on them, literally. I love chocolate though!

This is Isis’s one, this life.

Isis, my cat could choose this life to live. Sometimes it’s my other cat toothless, or myself, or my girlfriend, or my cousin, friend etc. I felt like Isis had the power to make himself the focus of the life we are all living, and at any point he could change it.

The song that makes her cry. Real empathy? A thousand lifetimes, it always ends this way. Picture frame moment. Very difficult to describe. I remember this particular moment, watching her cry and it feels like there’s a hidden significance.

The boy next door. Another picture frame moment, like he knows.

Rainbow colours, jaguars and heavy vibration was evident.

I didn’t have to close my eyes, but I often feel like I’m in a jungle when I take the trip. Trees, leaves, sounds and smells, I felt like our hunter ancestors had also figured this pathway out. When they hunted, at times they would trip and become more in tune with nature and their surroundings. It’s a beautiful feeling. Childlike but also with the potential for extreme violence and that’s where the Jaguar comes in. The jaguar could be hunted, could be doing the hunting but is majestic enough to just witness.

This is what it feels like to create a world. You can control it.

Similar to what was said in the beginning, a real feeling of god like status. It felt like I knew everything that had happened and that will happen. It felt like I created this world that I was living in and at any point I could stop it. Or change. Or be someone else. Like the creation of worlds was something of a past time for those with the powers to do so. The game is to put yourself in a world where you don’t realise that you’re the one creating everything, semi- quantum (Schrödinger’s cat) & semi Alan Watts (Dream Nuages). Happiness wasn’t even scratching the surface. I could move through the air like wind and interact with the atoms that I created. I could reverse every action in history like I had a remote control for life. Hashtag goosebumps 8years old! It was thrilling.

Oprah Winfrey Keanu Reeves.

Those who have power & money are aware of it too. These names have come up before. I’m not really sure of the significance. They may know something. Andrew Schulz. I’m teaching Situl? This one I can’t break down just yet.

Time slows down and brick walls melt, I could see every ant and every fly around me. Like I was one of them in their world and they are happy.

Even the toilet had colours.

The toilet became a portal, with dimmed luminous colours. Purple and blues.

Close your eyes and witness the Suns geometric influence.

Super strong geometric patterns. Like tattoos in my brain that I could control. Fun to experience, it helped that the sun was out.

It’s all in the details.

This was linked to my god like feeling and I felt that I was leaving signs for myself to pick up in this world that I created. I just have to focus on the details to increase enlightenment.

Monday to Friday makes no sense.

When you have such intense experiences, driving to work and how we’ve set up this system makes no sense.

Twitter is tweet tweet tweet.

It was the best one yet, and even though I’ve tried to break it down, I cannot put the experience in words to make you understand. I’ve just tried to pinpoint specific memories from the experience and explore them. The over riding theme was that I felt like God. This was the God like experience.


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