Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Theory

CBT is a psycho-therapeutic approach  that addresses dysfunctional emotions, maladaptive behaviours and cognitive processes through a number of goal orientated, explicit systematic procedures. In the illustrious  words of Kim Kardashian, what a mouthful. Lets break this down a bit.

  1. Cognitive is an alternative form of the word cognition. Cognition is ‘the act or process of knowing; perception’. A pretty broad concept.

2.Cognitive explanation continued….It s also known as knowledge or  as the product of a process. It’s a word which describes the mental processes of perception, memory, judgement and reasoning often contrasted with emotional/volitional processes.

  1. Behaviour therapy is another broad term referring to psychotherapy or behaviour analytics. This method of therapy focuses on behaviour and the thoughts and feelings that might be causing them.

CBT therapy is a short term method of therapy that can be monitored to show patients that they  are improving. The main belief behind CBT is, it isn’t so much about what happens to us in our life, but how we think about what has happened to us. In the CBT world, it wouldn’t just be, my Dad wasn’t around when I was younger and it wouldn’t be about the fact that he left and never came back. CBT would not focus on how it was affecting me but on my thoughts about it. How I perceived the situation per say.

The use of thought tracking is used in CBT to try an notice thoughts that are usually unnoticeable. The focus is on automatic thoughts and the associated underlining assumption. The process tries to track the actual thought process of a situation to try and pin point the most root cause of a certain feeling. This way we’re exposing parts of our mental thought process that we would never really be able to consider. The goal is to work your way to a core belief.

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