Manhunt the unabomber – Review and slight spoilers

Ted Kacynski was a math professor who moved to a remote cabin in Montana where he lived as a recluse and carried out a bombing campaign which lasted from 1978 to 1995, killing three people and injuring twenty three. I have recently been watching the TV series on Netflix and even though it was a slow start it turned out to be really intriguing. The acting was top notch and the dialogue was fluid. What captivated me the most was the ending, when they finally caught up Kaczynski and you got a glimpse in to the mind of a megalomaniac. Throughout the series, we were privy to the intelligence the Unabomber possessed, but to see how someone with an extremely high IQ dealt with rejection from society was interesting and something that is portrayed in the media time and time again. We hear terms like; he was a loner, he was weird, he had no friends, he isolated himself from society, so the narrative isn’t fresh but the execution of the story is tight and intense.

Throughout the episode the randomness of the bombings and sporadic and destructive nature of the attacks was clearly outlined. The psychological behaviour behind the cop and criminal is also important because we see the disregarding of the main police detective involved by his peers yet he is the one that understands the Unabomber the best and ends up apprehending him. The mindset of the detective is unravelled throughout the procedure of tracking Kaczynski, and this runs in parallel to the explaining of the mindset of the Unabomber. The intelligence, the rejection from society and the inherent drive to be the one who wins. It’s this drive which becomes the gripping part of the story, the cerebral cat and mouse game between the zealous detective and the delusional degenerate reaches an unpredictable climax where you have to really have understood the nature of theĀ  characters to comprehend the gravity of the ending. It’s important that there are tv series out there which make think.

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