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I felt like my life was a book. Not a movie, a book. Movies feed instantaneous and are pre-coordinated with the colours, images and movements already actualised for the brain to absorb. With a book, my mind plays the main character and it’s a slow burner,  where the crevices of details are explored for eternity and everything is a maze, but also just one.

I felt like I had been here before, like that place was a dissection of my current reality, partially blown out of time and now existing in my own personal dimension, a slice of the universe was mine, but it was so cool, so cool that I kept saying that it was so cool, and seriously everything was too cool. The familiarity was comforting, and nothing else. Its like going home after a hard days work, you know what’s there, you know who’s there and even if you were blindfolded you could tell it was home. That’s what this place was like, our home, where we all had been a thousand times, saying the same words said a million times, doing exactly the same thing billions of times over and at the same time each time it feels brand new.

On a more practical level colours become more vibrant and I could hear them, sounds became grandiose and I could see them. Yes, there is waving and moving of material objects especially wood, and anything natural starts to breathe. Wood is pure beauty. The difference between laminate/composite and real wood becomes blatant as real wood becomes alive. It’s like pressing the zoom in button on a computer and analysing each detail and the various zoom levels at the same time by moving them around with your brain but its masked in beauty.

It’s important to learn about an experience before you try. I learnt about construction before I entered the trade. I learnt about countries to travel before I visit. It’s also important to learn after you experience something you enjoy to learn how to enhance and maximise things you do. If I hear a good song I like I will then find more songs by the same artist and even learn a little about their life, because other people are interesting. After I read a book I liked I like to see the authors face, their eyes. It adds a completeness to the experience if you don’t put a lid on something you enjoy which is a paradox but within the context of this experience is exactly how to look at it. Immerse yourself in what’s pleasurable and be open to learn about yourself, because these experiences are truly exceptional. Even though I’ve tried to use words, there are none.

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