Lies urgent dissolves the world as does whiskey

The plant appeared. But it was there the whole time and I’d never seen it. It was a toy, a brown toy but no longer. Different, slightly paranoia inducing but not overwhelming. The lines of the world that exist today begin to melt away and a raw sense of reality begins to ooze out of the worlds pores. But you’re still here, picking up gigantic slugs and trying to reason with the spiders on the fence who have been there for years. It was his home and I never intended to impose, and it was more of an understanding than anything else, yes it all seems disjointed but it’s supposed to be. Not everything is supposed to make perfect sense but as the journey continues your consciousness is dipped into a cosmic space which you have to have had prior ‘knowledge’ of to fully comprehend and I’m not sure if I did.

It went from slight distortions in colours and shapes to seeing the ratty devil in cats to a guided tour, but by whom? Matter it does not but matter is what was seen, like a rubix cube in a dream, popping from one dream to the next the intensity was mild yet extreme. Everything always becomes everything as the plant grows inside the house but its not. Its just a toy and the rolly was scrunched up and thrown on the table….I can hear it breathing, erupting like a volcano, slowly pulsating like the heart of a long distance runner, the sounds fill my head and I’m intrigued. Cosmically intrigued so i stare, and the floor begins to do its thing again, and I’m intrigued. Who knows what was watched but one out the four made sense but there’s only two. No there’s one movie really but you know.  Disjointed, but its ok, this was the first and only. Never again because I’m now strictly a believer in God. The one who stopped performing miracles 2000 years ago and leaves us with no proof is still around? Or is she right, maybe God has retired. Maybe God is dead. Maybe….hmm.

The third eye is what is opened but it has to be repeated for it to widen. There are thousands of degrees and people are always trying to level up. I can see why they want to keep these psychic tools suppressed as they have too much power. Is that what it’s going to feel like when I die. Imagine existing where there is no existence. Everything is at your disposal, but nothing is material no more. They say that space is expanding, but is curved, I think when you take certain journey’s in life you can end up outside of this curve. A curve has edges and there must be something outside of it. All I know for sure is that Sean Penn is a great actor and there’s only 2 strings left. They explain to you how the first figured it out in the world. Like the first day learning to play the piano. Amateur. Novice even. Each time it gets a bit easier because part of your brain remembers but has no idea. The Samurai. The teachings, the code the breachings, the consequences & the struggle to keep maintaining this sense of self when you’ve been privy to the full potential of life.

Next time it will be better…


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