Max Holloway – how to counter a counter

Max Holloway is the current feather weight ufc champion and has been on a string of impressive wins over high level opponents. This video showcases the cerebral aspect of a fighters game and how staying one step ahead  of your opponent is a time sensitive concept. Only fools rush in, and if wait too long you’ll miss your opportunity. What Max Holloway does is stay relaxed and works out the timing of his opponent which is why he is so strong after the first round. By feinting with his hands and head he draws an attack from the opposition, weathers it, sometimes absorbs it and moves in for the attack once the opponent has exposed themselves. The jab/double jab is a good way to do this and depending on what your oppoonent throws Max is ale to respond accordingly. Its quite artistic in the timing, execution and results. Beauty comes in many forms and this is not beautiful and cerebral style of fighting.

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