Tony Ferguson Vs Anthony Pettis – UFC 229

At one point in the fight he pulls down my left hand and hits me with something….honestly I didn’t know what it was until I watched it back on the replay but now I know, it was a right 90 degree elbow and it sliced me good and proper. At that point I realised how much pain I was in, I mean, I was cut the fuck up, my energy was gone and all my major organs were crumbling.  In the Octagon your opponent is your enemy, and to see your enemy bleed is a good feeling and in this fight Tony was bleeding, but I knew I was bleeding more. The weapon that landed was the overhand right, and I was landing it enough. Fighting isn’t just about violent exchanges because to get the best  of the violent exchanges you have to understand your opponents movement and he clocked my straight away. I tried to inflict damage quick, to slow down his pace but he’s like a goddamn robot, constantly coming forward and peppering me with theses Nate Diaz type pot shots that are much harder than a Nate Diaz’s pot shot.

I thought the surgery he had on his leg so quick after 6 months would be an advantage for me but no,  he kept closing the distance and switching stances, he fights from everywhere and he throws all different types of weapons. I hit him with some strong shots, but even me, Showtime Pettis who throws unorthodox shit, still wasn’t throwing the quantity of  unorthodox strikes as Tony Ferguson. The front kicks to the body hurt, the teeps were consistently aimed towards the solar plexus, sometime liver and kidneys and then he would walk me down again. He fires a shot and then walks me down like he worked for the Medellin Cartel and his Boss told him

‘Eh Tony, Mek surrre you finish d job mehn okay’

Constant pressure, staying fluid and cutting off angles, my mind was forced to constantly work and my body was put under extraordinary stress constantly whilst receiving presents of pain. I saw an opening, hands down so I landed,  right kick to the leg and swooping overhand right hand caught Tony sweet on the chin, dropping him and I moved in swiftly and landed another straight right which forced the motherfucker to do a forward roll. Decent ground game saved his ass, but now it felt like I’d awakened a beast, I could feel his intensity grow from a simmer. The war had started, the blood flowed and I got sliced up by a sharp elbow from the bottom. We moved from the ground, and when the fight continued it got wild and my hand was still in pain from earlier in the first round and the body shots being landed on me was scooping the air out of my lungs in buckets. My energy depleted and I got beat the fuck up. The overhand right wasn’t working and when I landed he just ate it, which is heartbreaking . I was picked apart, chopped up and dismantled throwing back out of instinct but it wasn’t enough and I succumbed to the  pain. Salute Tony Ferguson, we should go again.

Yours Sincerely,

Anthony Pettis

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