Isis and toothless

Saving My Kittens

I saved my kittens and I don’t think they care 

We named her KitKat.

Well, my mom named her KitKat and she was a well known cat in the area.

She was a very well known cat actually.

In fact she was such a popular cat she’s had her third litter of kittens in a year, and expecting another soon. She’s a sweet cat but tough like Phil from Eastenders. I’ve seen her scrap with other cats, defend her kittens against dogs and use her cunning cat behaviour to gather food by any means necessary. I had a barbecue at home last year and after an evening of fun, food and fireworks we settled down for an alcoholic beverage or twelve. Ok, so there were no fireworks, but during the evening I began to hear faint squeals coming from next door and decided to investigate then…


Three kitties,

Sammie (The Oldest)

Isis (The Youngest)


Toothless (aka Milo, aka Toothy, aka Fatboy, aka Night stalker, aka Stroke lover, aka stop eating for f**k sake!)

Baby Toothless

Baby Toothless

Two girls and a boy. Toothless is the boy, named after that dragon from the ‘How to Train a Dragon’ movie due to his similar appearance, (not my idea).

Toothless the dragon

Mom decided to take in Isis because she couldn’t see and it was difficult to watch her struggle. Running into walls, not being able to see properly and (something I’ve learnt recently) getting severely depressed. Her eyes were seeping blood & puss, she was really suffering. After taking them from the neighbours yard Mom used an old school remedy of cotton boiled in salt water for a few minutes, and wiped her eyes 3 times a day to help the infection and it worked. Now she can see just fine.

FYI – The cats weren’t stolen, the next door neighbour had been put into a home after being boarded up for three months inside her own house by her own sons.

Thats a whole other story.

She wasn’t able to look after the kittens properly due to her rapidly worsening dementia and the previous litter of three KitKat had all died. For some reason the constant kitty catastrophes got to me and my soul was torn, but I thought I needed to do something.

Two weeks later, after my mom had taken Isis in and feeding the new cat family with a diet of chicken wings and dog food (don’t judge, thats all we had, and times were hard) Isis was chasing Toothless around, happy. Sammie (named after Samson???(not my idea either)), the oldest and biggest did not getting involved in the petty squabbles and juvenile behaviour of her younger siblings. Always more weary than the other two, she couldn’t even be tempted with the awesome chicken wings courtesy of my MeMa. The other two loved them. See below.

Baby Isia at the front and baby Toothless smiling for the camera

Understandably, Mother became super attached to the youngest female in the litter and as an admirer of the Egyptian culture she named her Isis, after the Egyptian Goddess. The name suited her fighting spirit, and this would become heart breakingly apparent later on in her life.

Isis the Godess

I left home to go back to London, but decided I was going to come back and take Sammie and Toothless leaving Isis to maximise her full potential as she was still not at her best.

I bought a litter box, two stick/feather toys, two feeding bowls, a drinking bowl, scratch pad and a load of cat food, yes CAT food.

So let the cat chase commence!

The day of the capture

Nine AM, Armed with some tasty ass chicken wings and one of them big Aldi bags which you have to pay 29p for, we decided to see if Sammie and Toothless (Isis was already inside), would come to us so I could take them home.

They didn’t.

We got real close to catching Sammie at one point, but she ended up hitting her head against the shed door. She jumped (for the first time ever) back over to the neighbours garden. And we didn’t see her again for a while.

She was gone.

It took us until nine PM that evening to get Toothless, who kept all of us running around for ages. We tried to limit the stress element so the chasing wasn’t constant but it has to be understood that this was a better option for them than leaving them outside where they were at risk from other cats, foxes, dogs and the icy English weather. Sammie was AWOL, but we had Toothless and Isis inside the house, finally.

Baby Isis 

Baby Isis

We agreed that I would take Isis and Toothless back to London and Mom would continue working on finding Sammie back at home. I put them both back in their cage and set off on the M40.

They were quiet the whole drive back, and to be honest they’ve been quiet ever since.

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