Candace Owens

The Candace Owens Spatial Divide

After doing a little digging I’m happy to see that Candace Owens is still trying to empower people, speak truth and change minds.  I have listened to a lot of her anti-democratic stance and as a black woman in America spouting the kind of truths she does, she’s no only brave but has some very good points to make. I am an avid listener of podcasts like JRE  and the brilliant idiots, and as expected Joe Rogan, when he interviewed Candace Owens offered balanced yet challenging discourse. When her name was mentioned on the brilliant idiots show, the conversation went sheepish. They seemed scared to mention her name because they didn’t want to give her any ‘shine’, which is pathetic for a podcast which has been all guns blazing for all topics. The brilliant idiots don’t usually back off meaningful targets and frequently divulge into the mechanics of social culture, so it was a shock for me to see how fearful they are of her. Listening to how Ebro of Hot 97 also didn’t wish to engage Candace but talk smack about her, shows me that the focus is to shut her down because they can’t compete within discourse. She’s too smart.

The black conservative movement has gathered momentum over the past few years with Larry Elder and Thomas Sowell coming to the spotlight even more. It’s a shame Candace hasn’t had the exposure she deserve as her and many other non-liberal black speakers get shut out of media spotlight altogether.  Candace Owens has been on the minds of  some of the most vocal figures of the urban community like Ebro and Charlemagne, however the intellectual level that Charlemagne and Ebro operate at is levels below Candace and she would make them look stupid in any debate. Scouring through social media I see that the only platforms to give her a chance are those whose ideals aren’t pinned to left. I would like to see her speak on more’urban’ platforms as I think challenging the usually limited dialogue that comes from these places is the only way for the black community to grow in ideas and better themselves.

It seems that most people have made up their minds about where they stand politically and socially , even to the point where to just consider the oppositions point of view comes off as almost blasphemous. Candace Owens has taken a measured approach to social issues and offers up logic and reasoning when debating issues, however the black community has almost shunned her because of her assumed affiliation to the right. There are,thankfully, pockets of change happening, with many black voters seeing the left and right as two sides of the same crooked system, but I think people are still missing out on the opportunity of interviewing Candace or giving her a little bit of exposure in black publication because they fear what she stands for and they refuse to listen to the message behind her rhetoric. There are certain platforms that are lapping her up and these tend to be more open minded, intellectually based and in most cases, white.

What really resides with me is her stance on not behaving like a victim, and this goes out to everyone, but specifically hits home to me as a black man. I had felt like a victim for a majority of my life, and its mentally draining and infectious. It poisons everything you do and can lead to resentment and anger towards yourself and to the world. Candace highlights that its a weird phenomenon for people to  wear their victim-hood and  perceived oppression like a badge. No one in their teens, 20’s, 30’s or 40’s has been a victim of slavery, but black people are taught to learn, indulge and never forget these tragedies which our great grandparents and beyond had to deal with. We, did not have to deal with it, and we should take every opportunity to make the most of what our ancestors didn’t have and stop behaving in a way our historical oppressors would want to us to behave. Candace Owens is  really raw, but super enlightening and I know it hurts for people to hear it but I think the black community need more of her. I think she’s great.

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