Hillary Clinton

Hillary has more bodies than Trump

The post-presidential race rhetoric is coming in from every Tom, twat and Harry about Donald Trump and his anti-muslim ,wall building & misogynistic sentiments. The mud slinging is in full effect and anger is at boiling point for anti-Trump supporters, understandably. He’s a reality TV star who is now in control of the most powerful Country in the world, and that in itself shows how the political system in America is severely broken.

Hillary has always been seen as  the lesser of two evils, but as secretary of state she has played a massive part in destroying foreign nations and steamrolling the elitist global agenda. Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State for the US from 2009 – 2013, which means she was the Presidents chief foreign affairs advisors. Essentially, she had the power to;

– Conduct negotiations related to foreign affairs.

– Promotes economic intercourse between the US and other countries.

– Supervise US immigration Laws

– Negotiate treaties and agreements

Yes, Donald Trump did speak about stopping mexicans and muslims from coming to America but so far this is just speech. He’s said a few insulting things to women and has been a bit of a prick to a few people. But he has no blood on his hands….yet. He made a lot of money and lost a lot of money, but he has not made decisions which have cost the lives of innocent women and children. I know jobs at high political levels come with insurmountable choices, but choices are all anybody ever has. As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton has chosen to conduct the murder across many different continents. It estimated that in 2010 over 4000 civilians were killed in war related deaths in Iraq, Hillary Clinton would have been responsible for making choices which contributed to these deaths. The US has been attacking Yemen heavily since 2011 and the use of drones has become an increasingly popular method of human destruction, decimating the Country’s infrastructure, spirit and trust. Hillary Clinton would have been involved in these decisions also.

The list can go on and on, from Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Sudan and Pakistan. There has been CIA sanctioned bombings with civilian casualties, hospitals and schools being blown up, political rebel factions given military equipment and billions of dollars spent in propping up foreign militaries with murderous dictators. The foreign policy of the US has been a mess for decades, maybe even longer and Hillary Clinton has done nothing but perpetuate the cycle of global violence. For those not affected, war is a distant benign concept. For those in the heart of it they have been experiencing world war three for years. Collateral damage can include women and children so long as they are brown. So Hillary has lots of  blood on her hands plus she’s a lifelong politician with over $100 million dollars in the bank. Pound for pound Hillary is definitely not the lesser of two evils and Donald Trump might become the thing the status quo despises, but for now the devil in the red pant suit is subdued.

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