Police Brutality in the uk

Police abusing their power and killing unarmed people is a terrible thing the people in the US have to deal with all too often. I’m not sure why it’s become a UK issue because it’s not a UK  problem. Increased awareness about the UK police deaths over the years may seem to have  fallen on deaf ears with a majority of the cases determined justified in the eyes of the law. There has certainly been less incidents of seemingly unlawful killings by the police over the last few years, showing there has been some change, and race definitely hasn’t been a factor because  some of the most questionable situations have involved white victims. Unarmed Sean Fitzgerald being shot in the back in January of 2019, caught fleeing the scene was particularly disturbing, but generally the lack of information along with minimal journalistic investigation have made it difficult to get a clear understanding of what is going on. Weapons (guns, knives, axes), violence and mental health have been significant factors in these UK police related deaths, the officers have had to make quick decisions in high pressured situations resulting in fatalities and often saving another life.

Some cases are still up for dispute, like the Mark Duggan shooting, which was deemed lawful but I remember seeing the video of the police officers pulling up to the car Mark Dugan was in and an officer firing shots straight away without there being any imminent threat. There were also the protests and riots related to the killing which represented the anger felt by the community at the time. I’ve looked into the cases back to around 2016 and I’m sure that some of the victims may  have been unlawfully killed, and maybe the justice system is protecting the police officers involved, but there have been 45-50 deaths caused by police since 2016. Some of the killings were definitely justified as members of the public, police and family members of the victims were in imminent danger. Overall we’re looking at a very small number of unlawful police killings, especially considering millions of crimes are committed by the British public annually, 6.8 million actually, in 2018-2019.

America is a different kettle of fish altogether. I think it has a lot to do with the legalisation of guns and the proclivity Americans have towards violence in general seen in sports, movies, music & entertainment in general. It also looks as if the police in the UK do a better job when it comes to handling public interaction. It’s definitely easy in these times to point the finger and blame entire sects of people; white people, the government, the police, and because information is so easily available it’s easy for people to find someone to project their personal feelings of injustice on to and back it up. Interaction between the police and the public is frequent nationwide, and I’m sure there are times when the police have been heavy handed and caused harm. I’ve seen this myself, justified and unjustified, however social media has perpetuated the individual incidents of injustice, collated them and overhauled existing social progress with an insidious, illegitimate narrative framing white society as the reasons for all failings in the black community.

I feel bad for the celebrities who feel like they have to jump on the SJW bandwagons and if they stay silent, people will look at them as if they’re racist, We’re entering a dangerous time where the far left have peer-pressured people who may not have a stance about a particular subject into feeling like they are part of the problem.  They say it’s not enough to not be racist, but you have to actively be anti-racist. People are being forced to pick a side, people are being forced to learn, and inform themselves. The fight for freedom has led to a war on individuality. I have seen more polarisation since the murder of George Floyd than at any other time since I’ve been alive. Both political sides of the spectrum are becoming hardened in their seats because the level of zealousness is being ramped up. Nobody wants to be wrong. Nobody wants to be victimised but they’re happy enough to work around and act like a victim.

Problems in today’s society are widespread and numerous. Sometimes it feels like the systems that we’ve built have the faults embedded by design. Racism does exist in society, but just because a disparity exists that doesn’t mean it’s race based. We do need a good amount of representation for people in the workplace, but not at the cost of talent. Frustration is natural when injustice reveals it ugly head, but we still need to have faith in the institutions who we’ve elected to govern our lives. Most policemen and policewomen do a good job, a dangerous job and one which they receive no appreciation for. At times like this their morale must be extremely low, and this will not get them to do a better job interacting with people on the streets. Look at the statistics; in the UK the police rarely unlawfully kill somebody as deaths by police are infrequent. I have faith that society will come out the other end of this and see that individuals making mistakes does not amount to systemic injustices. To create a peaceful and just society we need to work together and get to the root causes of the issues most damaging to society. I just hope that by the time we get to the other side, liberals,  centrists & conservatives  don’t hate the hard-left for the damage done. Especially in the UK which does not have the same cultural issues as the US.

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Mr M Daniels
Mr M Daniels
7 months ago

I think if you have possession of an illegal gun and your actions, like making a drug deal has evoked an armed response, you are almost certainly likely to die. Murder,, I couldnt say but when legal lethal force has a ‘primary’ burden of proof determinable by ‘considering the circumstances as the officer believed them to be’. I’d say it’s sensible to stay as far from a gun as possible.