Donald Trump

Donald Trumps most sincere speech

Propaganda is so powerful these days  that the media can make you believe anything. Especially in the weird and wonderful world of politics. With the up and coming US presidential election we have been given a delectable bad guy in the form of Donald Trump who is most famous for the Celebrity apprentice TV show. We have always known him to speak his mind, and in the current debates he has been given a platform to showcase his borderline bigotry and the whole world ran with it. Trump speaks as a lone wolf amongst controlled monsters who spout corporate rhetoric in the hope of receiving votes. He is different and will have a tough time if he is to win. He has however, had some progressive things to say in his speeches and debates.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, its an honour to have everyone here today, and I just want to say this whole experience is truly tremendous and I owe my success to all of  my loyal supporters.

Our country is in serious trouble, we face constant threats from global terror, we are in trillions of dollars worth of debt, our  healthcare system isn’t much better after Obama care and people are still losing their jobs. Part of the problem with our current political stature is that the politicians who we elect to control the various intricacies of our lives don’t know what they’re doing. For the past 20 years presidents have been negotiating terrible deals with foreign countries like China, Mexico and Brazil and we lose out. I am a successful business man who has turned 1million dollars into 10billion, and that’s the kind of thinking we need. We need very low debt and tremendous cash flow. My financials are there for everybody to see and I have a proven track record.

It seems like previous presidents have underestimated the power of making geo political decisions. As a result we spent 2 trillion dollars in Iraq and lost hundreds of thousands of lives in the process. We ended up with thousands of wounded veterans not being properly looked and I love every single one of them for what they did for our Country. As president, I will look after them. It was a pointless war where US equipment ended up in the hands of ISIS. The same ISIS who are killing innocent people throughout the middle east today. These evil people have committed horrific acts around the world, and America has played a part in arming them. We have contributed to the success of Isis and this cannot happen again.

What makes me so different from other politicians is that they’re controlled fully by the lobbyists and the donors. The donors, the special interests the lobbyists have very strong power over politicians that you’ve been voting for. Therefore the companies that contribute most towards political campaigns for influence end up having the most influence. I on the other hand am spending all my own money, I’ve turned down hundreds of millions of dollars from these donors, because all they want is control and the laws flexed so they can make more money. I understand the game, I’ve been on the other side my whole life. I am not accepting money from nobody, nobody has control of me other than the people of this country. That makes me different from Hillary and Bernie, and free to represent the best needs of Americans.

The people of this country are incredible people, and I want to make sure they aren’t so angry. We have seen some violence at my rallies but thats because energy is so high and I am a polarising public figure. I want to get people working, love what they do and have an incentive to go do it. I want to bring jobs back to America and stop the use of so much foreign labour. The reason why people are so pent-up with angeris because they are jobless, feel disenfranchised, have no money, no hope. Some are working hard, 2/3 jobs, still have nothing to show, and this makes them angry. I can try to calm them down, but they have been mislead by politicians for years so the trust has gone. This stops as soon as I become president.

I want to clear up one more thing before I go. People try and affiliate racist groups with me and I want them to know that I condemn them all. I’ve always condemn them and I don’t want their support in any way shape or form. I believe all people are equal and there is no place for racism in America. Goodnight.’

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