God created the Earth but couldn’t create the iphone


I am going to start this off by saying that I don’t know when God performed his last miracle, and even with an extensive look through the bible it’s difficult to workout exact timelines and event dates. What I do know is this; God created the Earth in 0000, however darkness and water already apparently existed according to Genesis 1. God spoke the world, day and the sky into existence, and if I suspend the need for empirical evidence for a moment, I will entertain the concept of God’s industrious words resulting in the creation of the Earth. Next he helps Moses part the Red Sea, made it rain bread and saved Daniel from a pack of ravenous lions. Let’s say, I’m going to go out on another limb and say these miracles also occurred. There were plenty more miracles in the bible, not just miracles but also, spiritual events, messages, signs and human interactions with angels devils and demons. It seemed like there was a lot going on back in those days in terms of monsters and men but then it all stopped.

If I was fighting a religious war, or any war where I believed that my God was on my side, I would be severely disappointed in the lack of showing up God has been doing. He showed up to make bread,  showed up to help get people drunk from wine, he saved  a man from lions and participated in immaculate conception but he couldn’t help save thousands of men women and children from slaughter in ANY unjust war. There are so many incidences where God didn’t get the memo that I don’t need to be specific, because numerous horrendous occurrences have been carried out under the watchful eye of our Lord and Savoir.  Free will I hear you say, but the earth is bound by the laws of Physics, Biology, Technology and Finance. Mankind is free to make decisions but the execution of a decision is determined by the restraints of the physical world. Those restraints would be put there by the creator of the Earth and so free will is a limited concept. Mankind can exercise evil, but the existence of evil as a concept is only there  because God made it so.

My question is where is God now and why did the miracles stop? He was active for so long and then poof! Scomparso! Desaparecio! It’s similar to my relationship with Facebook. Active for a while and then gone in sixty seconds. It seemed like God is pulling a Nicholas Cage. Ever since we’ve had the ability to accurately record information with no need for interpretation (cameras & video) God hasn’t been there. There isn’t even any accompanying illustrations for the bible, which I would’ve expected considering the text at times can be a little drab. There was one last time God spoke to someone. One last time God interacted with the world, and one last miracle but since then I think God would’ve been needed in Bosnia, Ukraine, China or throughout the World Wars earlier on in the century. Pick your genocide. Pick your disaster. Bread, he can make, but deaths of innocent children he’s not there for. Instagram? Playstation? FHM online? Maybe the almighty was distracted.

The fact that God has stopped interacting with the world  is a big reason why I lack faith in religion. I seriously question the integrity of mind a person must have to accept the existence of God on faith alone. As a semi-scientific race of people this is not acceptable in proving the acidity of coca cola let alone the existence of the lord . No demons. No angels. No miracles. No creation out of nothing (unless you’re talking about FIAT currency). Not one resurrection. No immaculate conception. Nothing. Interpretation and ambiguity has lead to one of the most devastating erosions of the human mind in history. Our tribal need to belong coupled with our fear of death has lead us to adopt antiquated sets of beliefs to live our lives by. I’m going to end with some atheistic optimism. I will leave my bag of hope open for God to jump in any time. Maybe this is his version of the Black album and just like Jay-z he’s out of sight for a while, then he’ll comes back like ‘Kingdom Come’.

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2 years ago

There have been many miracles that have been done by God and by the power of God since Jesus resurrected. In fact Jesus told his disciples before he ascended to go out and do miracles and preach the gospel and miracles would follow. And they and others after them have done so, but I don’t think you would believe them even if you saw them or heard about them. Cause like you could just google healing miracles or miraculous happenings around the world and many articles will pop up. But like I said, I don’t think you want proof. …I… Read more »