The art of reaction videos


I remember the first time I watched 2 girls and 1 cup, and it was shocking to say the least. These extreme videos laid the path for a form of video based content called ‘reaction videos’ and as the content becomes increasingly bizarre there was an interest in seeing people’s reaction to these videos. This has become widespread amongst the young You-Tubers who want an easy way to create a name for themselves and rack up views. There are people who have created successful YouTube pages dedicated to reaction videos and they’ve used demographic variance and popular or controversial content to create borderline entertaining videos.

There are now thousands of individuals who are producing reaction videos based on tv shows, music, random videos etc with no real originality to them. The reaction video concept is based on leeching from other content creators, so when its watered down by lazy un-informed tryers the true nature of turd tv shows its shitty self. The internet has only been around for a few decades and we’ve seen many trends go as quickly as they’ve come. I can imagine that there will be some videos on YouTube that will be around for decades, but reaction videos won’t be.

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