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My first Muay Thai fight

I started the day focused, listening to my Fight 1 playlist trying to get myself pumped up on the bus. The streets were empty, and again it really did feel like I was alone. I’ve felt like this whilst training sometimes too, the whole process of preparing for a fight is at times very isolating, but when I stepped in the ring I understood why. It’s just you and your opponent, it felt like there was definitely no turning back from the moment I took the first step over the threshold and left my house. Game Time! Continue reading My first Muay Thai fight


Childhood trauma can have lasting damaging effects on people well into adulthood. Last week Eric forced a thirteen year old boy to strip down to his green shabby briefs in the middle of the estate in front of everybody, the boy was shaking from the cold so bad that the string of snot that crept out of his right nostril, jumped off his upper lip and ended up in free fall hanging there like a crystalised drop light in a middle class home. Continue reading Consequences