Benefits of the Sauna

We have plenty of genes in our body which become deactivated as we get older.. Extreme temperatures induce stress on our bodies and in short doses, this  good for us because our bodies react to the stress by activating a variety of hardwired stress response pathways that help prepare our bodies for immediate and future biological problems. The body starts fixing itself. Prolonged exposure to heat  is bad, but to expose yourself to it in short bursts has positive benefits. Note the following;

– The heat shock response our bodies carries out when we go into the Sauna ensure cellular proteins are optimised.

– Skeletal muscle mass is maintained and doesn’t degrade as quickly.

– When using the Sauna, don’t overdo it, but ensure that your body reaches a level which is uncomfortable in order to maximise the benefits.

– When your brain experiences stuff that makes you feel bad, it responds with stuff that is really good t balance it out.

– New receptors are created when the heat shock response is activated, so that the next time your body is exposed to small bursts of stress it can deal with it better, and helps relieve anxiety.

Your body feels like it’s going to war when you go into the Sauna and it responds accordingly. I try and use the sauna at least three times a week and I know it feels good when I leave. Inside it’s quite uncomfortable but soothing at the same time. The level of unease increases the longer you stay inside so it should be treated with caution. The information above is plucked from Dr Rhonda Patrick who is an incredibly intelligent woman I’ve heard about from listening to the Joe Rogan podcast. After doing a little research myself it seems her break down is accurate, and engaging your heat shock receptors through the Sauna is very beneficial to the body.

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