Monique wants us to boycott Netflix

Monique is a black female comedian who has been in…movies and tv shows. I’m not particularly familiar with her work but she was harrowing in the film precious. She’s one of those comedians who is more well known in the black entertainment circles and when Netflix offered her five hundred thousand dollars to do a Netflix special she went on a rant, claimed racism/sexism and said to boycott Netflix.  She felt this way because Amy Schumer and Dave Chappelle were offered multi million pound deals for their stand-up specials, but the reason why they can demand so much is because have wider audiences, stronger resumes and are bigger financial draws. The lack of self awareness is astonishing here and the fact that she went public to try and get the black sympathy vote is pathetic yet understandable given the racially sensitive environment America has bred over the past few years. Monique tried to use her blackness and her vagina to bargain for more money with Netflix. Her personal struggles aside the biggest thing that bothers me is how far from reality these so called superstars get. Five hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money to most normal people. That’s a house. Or two houses. A Ferrari. A small business. This is life changing quantities of cash that she turns her nose up at because she wants more.

I realise that when you reach a certain status level in the entertainment industry you can demand more money, but I think it’s reprehensible how we as the public allow ungrateful entertainers to grace our screens and take up our time when they don’t connect with us on a human level. Monique needed this money and made a mockery of people who face real discriminatory struggles by turning  down the money and then the cheek  to label Netflix as racist. The more racism is used when there is no intent of racial discrimination involved the less anyone will take racism seriously. Monique has done us all a disservice, black, female, broke and human. Positive character traits are important, and even though she may be entertaining at times, negative characteristics should definitely influence the popularity and success of the people who willingly put themselves in the public eye. She has exposed herself as arrogant, misinformed and entitled. I won’t be watching anymore of her material.

Unless I hear its really funny, because content is king after all.

I won’t buy it though.

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