No bullets changes history

We have a serious problem with guns throughout the world and I ask myself on a hourly basis, what if bullets were never invented?

A gun without any bullets is as useless rubber lips on a woodpecker, yet some of the most momentous historical situations have been carved from our use of weapons.

If bullets weren’t invented, James Earl Ray would never have been able to shoot Martin Luther King in the head. He could have tried to throw a knife from the same distance but that would’ nt have worked so well. The longest knife throw is around 100ft and King was shot from a distance just over 200ft, so there would be a real chance that an innocent bystander could’ve gotten hurt instead which would’ve been great for MLK.  Let’s face it, throwing a knife doesn’t have the same proficiency level as a bullet so Martin Luther King would’ve survived the frankly pathetic knife throwing attempt from James Earl Ray, who didn’t look like the most strapping individual anyway, and the world would’ve been better for it.  A strong advocate for non-violence and a proclivity to Christian values helped underline King’s legacy but also showcases the cruel irony of the world at that time, as he died in shocking violent fashion. No bullets, no gun, not as many successful assassinations, King alive.

World War one was started when the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie were shot to death by a Bosnian Serb nationalist during an official visit. If there were no bullets then these killings wouldn’t have  sparked the outbreak of World War 1. Nineteen year old Gavrilo Princip, might have been able to carry out the assassination of the couple but it couldn’t have been done in such clinical fashion. Princip was able to shoot the Archduke and his wife at close range after a previous failed bomb attempt by another member of Princip’s group. This failed bomb attempt injured two of the Archdukes men, but surprisingly the Archduke actually continued his visits, changed course to visit the injured men, and amongst a lot of confusion the car the Archduke and his wife ended up stopping right in front of Princip. The assassin was actually only a few feet away but without bullets, or a gun this assassination wouldn’t have been so easy. Princip probably would have had to be armed with something like a cross bow to have a similar result, however crossbows are known to be considerably hard to conceal, so without the firearm it is more likely that the Archduke survives. His wife might have still died.

If we had Martin Luther King longer, maybe the world would’ve been inclined to a more peaceful approach to civil rights. Less lynching’s, murders and beatings of black people may have occurred and violence wouldn’t have won. With the Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s failed crossbow assassination,  Austria wouldn’t escalated tensions with Serbia which inevitably was the start of World War 1. That means we wouldn’t have had the 18 million dead in WW1 and over 60 million dead in WW2 as well as the horrors of the holocaust, but who is to say that another war wouldn’t have broken out in its place.

Now we have rockets, and missiles, and drones so killing can be done bullet less and from a much greater distance, but the military spending of major countries still increases year by year making the military industrial complex one of the most lucrative complexes around. This shows us that, no matter how many news stories we hear about, internet videos we watch or family/friends are lost in wars the human mindset is what shapes murder, invasion and genocide. If there were no bullets certain major instances of world history wouldn’t have occurred but given the nature of humans we would definitely have found a way to re-introduce that suffering  to our fellow brothers and sisters and of course maximise profits!

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